Fans of the superhero sci-fi Netflix show Umbrella Academy have plenty of filming locations to visit in Hamilton, which has provided many of the backdrops for the hit show's three seasons.

See how many you can spot on your next visit to the city.

Starlite Drive-in Theatre

In Season 3, Episode 6 Allison and Viktor connect with Harlan in this deserted drive-in location in Hamilton's east mountain.

Usually the Starlite Drive-In is a bustling destination in the summer for movie lovers as one of the last surviving old-school drive-ins in southern Ontario.

King William Street – “Restaurant Row”

One of Hamilton's prettiest streets is the backdrop for an emotionally powerful scene in Season 3, Episode 2. Viktor Hargreeves confides in his sister Allison while walking down King William Street in downtown Hamilton.

As they talk, the siblings pass by a string of popular restaurants along this dining destination street including The Mule, The French, Undefined, Berkeley North, and Relay Coffee.

Gage Park

This grand urban park in the city’s east end makes an appearance in the opening scenes of Season 3, Episode 2 during a leisurely jog gone terribly wrong for Luther's character.

Gage Park packs a lot of attractions into its 30 hectare footprint, including a greenhouse, an elegant fountain, a lawn bowling club, tennis courts, perennial gardens, and an iconic bandshell.

Shorty’s Pizza

The interior of this popular east-end pizza parlour makes an appearance in the opening few minutes of Episode 1, Season 3, for a quick fight scene between "The Sparrows" and some racist customers. The show even used Shorty’s branded pizza boxes and aprons.

This is a perfect go-to if you're craving a New York-style slice when you're in Hamilton. The classic decor (black and white checkered floors and vintage photos on the walls) will transport you to vintage pizzeria heaven. Do yourself a favour and order the Nodini (garlic pizza dough balls) to snack on while you wait for your pie.

Royal Connaught

Early in Season 3, the main characters seek refuge in the eccentric Hotel Obsidian.

The exterior is actually the iconic Royal Connaught. Once a famous hotel that opened in 1916 where royalty, Prime Ministers, Hollywood stars, and visiting dignitaries visited, it's now the home of an upscale condo complex in the heart of downtown Hamilton.


The scene from Season 1, Episode 8 when Number Five, Diego and Klaus try to pull Luther out of his funk takes place in the famous Corktown Irish Pub in the Corktown Neighbourhood.

The iconic pub is the city's oldest licensed establishment and music venue and has hosted thousands of musicians over the past century.

City Hall

Hamilton City Hall may look a little different in real life, but it’s still recognizable in Umbrella Academy. In Season 2, City Hall is converted into a Tiki Bar. The Art Deco interior is familiar to anyone who’s been inside. Sure there’s some computer enhancements but there’s no hiding the unique architecture.

If you get a chance to see it in real life, don’t forget to take your selfie at the iconic Hamilton sign.

Gore Park

This meeting place in the heart of downtown Hamilton makes multiple appearances throughout all three seasons of Umbrella Academy. Look for the iconic central fountain – even if it's only a glimpse and the historic storefronts and buildings that border the park, including the former Embassy Nightclub that subs in as the home of the patriarch Reginald Hargreeves.

Ottawa Street

Ottawa Street is transformed in Seasons 2 and 3 into Dallas, Texas in the 60’s. The street was converted to portray Dallas in the days before the JFK assassination with the exteriors updated to match the era and the Dallas skyline later added digitally to the background. It’s also the scene of a WW3-style nuclear apocalypse (and yes a real tank rolled down the street!).

Hamilton's historic fabric district has drawn locals and out-of-towners alike for decades to its eclectic shops and restaurants and is now a one-stop-shop for both home design fans and foodies.

The Cotton Factory

Hamilton’s Cotton Factory makes an appearance as an old-timey factory – something this one-time cotton factory in the city's industrial north end was born to do. You'll spot in a Season 1 flashback scene of Reginald coming to America in the 1920s and buying an umbrella factory that would later house his superpowered adopted kids.

The Cotton Factory has a fascinating history and its current incarnation as a creative space for artists and builders is no less interesting.

Liuna Station

One of Hamilton’s most recognizable locations has been used in many movies including a ceiling-shattering scene in X-Men.

In Umbrella Academy it doubles as a swanky bank where the young heros take down the bad guys in their epic style in Season 1.

There's plenty of Hollywood-style glamour at this former Art Deco CN Railway station, now a premier event space steps to the West Harbour. It's even been designated a National Historic Site!

Dundurn Castle

The beautiful grounds of this National Historic Site appear at the beginning of Season 2, Episode 4 where the "Handler" is training Lila as a child.

The majestic historic home overlooking the bay is one of Hamilton’s most iconic attractions and open for tours year-round.


Fallsview Road East, a rural road near Dyment’s Farm in Dundas, is the location of a showdown between Number Five and the Hazel and Cha-Cha duo at the end of Season 1, Episode 5.

This sprawling 120-acre farm, market, and bakery is famous for its pumpkin patch and scenic wagon rides overlooking the Niagara Escarpment. A must-visit in fall.