Between May and November, all visitors to Webster Falls require an online reservation prior to visiting.

Webster Falls is the largest waterfall in the region – and one of the most popular. Located in the historic village of Dundas, Webster Falls is close to hiking trails, beautiful green space and great amenities and restaurants in town.


  • This 22-metre classical curtain waterfall is one of Hamilton’s most iconic waterfalls.
  • Its wide expanse of waterfall spills over a tiered drop, not far from where the shuttle drops off visitors.
  • It’s well worth a visit in the fall for prime leaf viewing of stunning Dundas Valley.
  • It’s part of the Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area, one of Upper Canada’s earliest industrial communities.
  • The open grounds around the falls are easy to navigate and pause for photos or to enjoy a snack.
  • Don’t miss the beautifully restored cobblestone bridge that crosses Spencer Creek.

Online Reservation System

  • Due to the area’s popularity, visitors must reserve a spot in advance to enjoy Webster Falls between May and November.
  • Reservations are available for two-hour blocks with staggered arrival times seven days a week. Reserve early to avoid disappointment.
  • Visit Hamilton Conservation Authority for more details including admission fees.

Parking and Proximity to Falls

  • Between May and November, on-site parking is limited to those with an online reservation only. (Strict fines in place for parking in prohibited areas.)
  • The walk to the falls from the lot is around 600 metres


  • Only a small portion of the conservation area is accessible by wheelchairs and other mobility aids, but much of the area is natural, with packed earth trails.

Hikes Nearby

  • If you're up for a great hike from Christie Lake to Webster Falls, follow signs that indicate the Spencer Adventure route. During this 40 minute walk from the Christie Lake dam, you can learn about the area's industrial past as part of Upper Canada and the fascinating ecology of the Spencer Gorge.
  • Tew Falls along with its hiking path to the spectacular look out at Dundas Peak is just a short drive away. However a separate online advance reservation is required to visit Tew Falls and Dundas Peak hiking experience.
  • There are also a couple of Bruce Trail side trails to explore.

What to Do

Christie Lake Conservation

  • Nearby Christie Lake Conservation Area is a great spot to relax for remainder of the day. Visit the beach and plan a picnic.
  • Extend your active excursion and hit the 10 kilometres of mountain biking trails on the east side of the conservation area.

What to Eat

Enjoying Hamilton Waterfalls Safely

Please consider these tips to help keep you safe while respecting the environment and surrounding neighbourhoods.

  • Waterfalls are located in environmentally sensitive areas – please stay on marked designated trails and obey closure signs; there are many rare plants that can be easily damaged or destroyed.
  • Park in designated parking areas only.
  • Do not cross active CN rail tracks to access waterfall areas and vistas. Crossing rail tracks is prohibited and illegal.
  • Stick to marked paths and stay well back from slopes, edges and other fall or slipping hazards.
  • Keep children and pets close.
  • Do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing.

Please watch this safety video provided by the City of Hamilton.