What makes Hamilton, Hamilton?

We asked some of the city’s creators, business owners, and magic-makers what keeps them inspired and connected to the city they call home.

And what visitors can expect to experience when they’re here.

Let them show you the Hamilton they love.

The Taste MakerTej Sandhu

President and Co-Founder Merit Brewing | @meritbrewing

“There’s something new happening in this city all the time, that we learn about, that we can participate in, that we can contribute to. There’s this energy… it’s people exploring and what they’re exploring is what people are creating.”

Tej’s Local Favourites

The Festival BuilderLisa La Rocca

Director of OperationsSonic Unyon | @supercrawl

“We have a mix of everything. It’s such a close small-town vibe for a big city.

Our music and arts scene here is unmatched compared to cities in this area. I think Hamilton has something really special and I think you feel it when you come to our events and concerts.”

Lisa’s Local Favourites

The TeacherJosh Taylor

Artistic Director and OwnerDefining Movement Dance | @steelcitydmd

“We get lost in this idea that you have to be really good at art to enjoy art. When art really is about expression and it’s about sharing stories or ideas with each other. That’s what we do here.

It’s a big city but it’s not. It’s unique in that way.”

Josh’s Local Favourites

The Vinyl LoverMark Furukawa

Owner and OperatorDr. Disc Hamilton | @drdischamilton

“Hamilton is both a small town and a larger city. There’s variety here. There’s a real personality here. It’s not a cookie-cutter thing.

The heart of Hamilton is the people. I love this city and it’s because of the people more than anything else. Just the connectivity and the spirit we have with the Hamilton community have just totally blown me away.”

Mark’s Local Favourites