Fairy or Angel Falls are two romantic nicknames for this captivating waterfall that happens to lie on private property. Luckily the owners are happy to let others enjoy the magic of Sherman Falls located along a popular hike route on the Bruce Trail at the western edge of the city.

Waterfall Description

  • The 17 metre-high curtain waterfall that surges from Ancaster Creek is between two other local falls, Tiffany Falls and Canterbury Falls.
  • It enjoys great trail access and good, year-round flow.

Parking and Proximity to Falls

  • There is limited paid parking in lot off of Artaban Road, around 450 metres to Sherman Falls.
  • To walk to the falls from the parking lot, head back down Artaban Road, turn left on Lions Club Road and just before Old Dundas Road, turn right on the Bruce Trail.
  • Refer to the map below for directions.
  • You can also park at Tiffany Falls and hike along the Bruce Trail from the lot on Wilson Street East (around 20 minutes).


  • The trail leading to this waterfalls is a combination of paved road, crushed gravel and dirt path.

Hike Nearby

  • Since you’re already in the Dundas area of the Bruce Trail, get acquainted with the 1,200 hectares of meadows, Carolinian forest, streams and numerous hiking trails in the Dundas Valley.
  • There are 40 kilometres of trails to explore around these falls.
  • For a memorable and scenic hike, head back to the street where Lions Club Road meets Old Dundas Road and enter the Bruce Trail from the north side of Old Dundas. This will lead you to the Monarch Trail. Make a left on the trail, which leads you to a path up to Groundhog Hill, giving you a panoramic view of the Dundas Valley.

What to Do

  • The nearby neighbourhoods of Ancaster and Dundas, and Westdale, all beckon daytrippers, with a selection of great shops and cafes.
  • Tiffany Falls is nearby and well worth exploring if you want to double up your waterfall adventure.

What to Eat

Enjoying Hamilton Waterfalls Safely

Please consider these tips to help keep you safe while respecting the environment and surrounding neighbourhoods.

  • Waterfalls are located in environmentally sensitive areas – please stay on marked designated trails and obey closure signs; there are many rare plants that can be easily damaged or destroyed.
  • Park in designated parking areas only.
  • Do not cross active CN rail tracks to access waterfall areas and vistas. Crossing rail tracks is prohibited and illegal.
  • Stick to marked paths and stay well back from slopes, edges and other fall or slipping hazards.
  • Keep children and pets close.
  • Do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing.

Please watch this safety video from the City of Hamilton.